Factional Warfare – Plexing

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here are some basics how to run outposts (plexes) in factional warfare:

1. Safety first !
Use you ‚dscan‘ (=directional scan) to check the location you intend to warp to. Here: any outpost! Settings for you dscan: max range + 5° angle


2. Warp to location
Switch your dscan-settings to: 0.0 AU + 360° angle and scan while landing, because maybe something has changed while warping. Then access gate if the area is clear.


3.1. defensive Plexing
defplexing (=defensive plexing) means that you are running an outpost within a system which is controled by your militia. In that case you pull maximum range between ‚beacon‘ (=spot that marks the warpin-location) and you while still being in range to run down the timer. Don’t shoot the NPC, it will be friendly to you!

3.2. offensive plexing
plexing (=offensive plexing) means to run an outpost in a system which is controled by the enemy militia. Here you need to keep the area clear of NPC or enemy pilots. If you intend to pvp your best spot will be around the ‚beacon‘ at your optimal weaponrange.


4. Earn Loyality Points
Bringing down the timer will be payed out in LP (=loyality points). You also recieve standing. Use the LPs to turn them at the specific shops into ISK. Check your ‚journal‘ (agents/loyality points).


You need help? Don’t be afraid to contact me ingame: CleriKer Partridge

Good Luck,

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