EVE – How to increase your income at Data/Relic Sites?

It is pretty easy. As I have already explained the How to hack Data & Relic Sites the best option to do those Sites is to use a Covert Ops, for example the “cheetah”. I was flying those Sites for the last two weeks but I never had an idea which containers I do have to take. Testing the average income, I found out that taking Parts and Data is the best way to get at least 10 million out of each Site.

Few days ago someone asked me: “Hey, what are you doing right now?”“I do some Datas and Relics in Hallanen. You can come over and help me taking the drops.”“Sounds good, i will.”. While taking those dropping containers he asked me: “Do you have a Cargo Scanner II fitted?”“Ehm, no. Why should I ?”“Did you know that you can scan those mainframes, those litte objects you have to use your Data or Relic Analyser on?”“No, I didnt.” – “This way you know whats inside and then you can focus on those containers which carry the stuff shown by the Cargo Scanner II.”

EVE Data Relic 1

So I started to use the Cargo Scanner II and took a look inside Guristas Com Tower to see which items are inside. Already knowing which container loads specific items I precisely took only those which loaded the stuff shown by the Cargo Scanner II.

EVE Data Relic 2

And while doing this the whole time I have increased my income out of Data and Relic Sites by 500% and there are additionally pretty rare items to find. Guristas Control Tower Small Blueprint was my last big drop.

EVE Data Relic 3

A good example how one little module in your ship can change the effectiveness of what you are doing – it totally remembered me on PvP in EVE.



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